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Welcome to Metroweb Seo Minimize

MetroWeb SEO specializes in increasing the findability and visibility of your locally owned business.  We want to help you increase the number of hits you get when people search for business like yours on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more.  We specialize in the Miami and San Diego markets and have helped many shops and business increase the number of phone call and email inquiries coming in each day!  Search engines, like Google, are not random factoid emitters.  Search engine results are generated according to specific guidelines.  We can help you to use your website and online business listings to your greatest advantage! Check out San Diego Real Estate for an example.


We work with:


o   What are people searching for to locate businesses nearby?

o   What are the guidelines dictating how the search engine results page or SERPS generates the business listings results (meaning, e.g., are you listed properly, what results page # does your business appear, what is needed to get your business to show up in 1st place on Page 1?).

o   What can you do to leverage the inherent value of your physical business - your retail “brick and mortar”?


We apply the rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used by the big search sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to increase the number of times a potential customer sees your business – the business and services that client has been looking for.


When a potential client opens a search engine and enters reasonable search terms – for example, a client who wants to go scuba diving in Miami would search terms like “Miami Scuba” or “Miami snorkeling”- MetroWeb Seo uses keywords associated directly with your website, the way your site is linked to other sites (through e.g. review sites or articles about your business), and your website content itself to ensure your company has the maximum relevancy in the search results that come up.


Many businesses, especially local businesses, do not take full advantage of the power of search engine optimization.  As a result, some clients have a hard time even finding their businesses doing a direct search.  The success of a company depends 1st on getting people to pick up the phone, send an email, or walk through that front door.  Phone books are a thing of the past, you have to be visible on the internet or you will miss out on potential clients!  SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are big ideas, but they can be applied and used by companies of any size.  MetroWeb Seo will focus specifically on promoting your local business!  

~Be the big fish in the little pond~

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